The general goal of the Association shall be to promote the teaching of Spanish in Waldorf Schools. In furtherance of this goal, it shall:

• Encourage and give practical help to teachers of Spanish in Waldorf Schools.
• To offer support to Spanish teachers starting new Spanish programs.
• Promote contact and discussion among teachers of Spanish in the USA and with teachers of Spanish in other countries.
• Undertake collaborative research on questions about language acquisition and technology in the classroom.
• Promote and try to get better recognition for Spanish teachers within the Waldorf schools.
• To maintain a Web site with downloadable material to use in the classroom; to publish a monthly online newsletter that contains timely articles of interest to members.
• Career Center on Line: listing of available Spanish teaching positions.
• To promote teacher training and development for Spanish teachers.
• To promote Anthroposophical studies for the Spanish teachers working in Waldorf schools.
• Deepen and renew the understanding of child development under the umbrella of Waldorf education.

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